Earth Into Segue

from by shirlette ammons



They say we askin for it as if they know our story
I say we’re grasping at it gasping at a passing magic
They say we looking for it they call us average at it
but they can't see the forest or it's that they suck at mathematics
They think we’re gaming at it playin psychobabble scrabble
I say we’re jonesin for it, lunging forward, hapless hazards
They say we savage for it, sorta borderless and foreign
nomads who lack decorum refusing use as human storage

and the matter is with the fact that
we ain’t askin for much for much
and the matter is with the fact that
they be takin too much from us
and the matter is with the facts

Relax for a minute look around while you spinning
it's like in any instant an intense and frenzied feelin
get in the middle of it, love it like you livin with it
leave the shuckin and duckin for the privileged and cynics
and for the peddlers with pennies and those who seldom finish
but never sell they vision for some shit that's unappealing
I see you askin for it, graspin at it, bound to have it
loud and passionate when facts are abstinent not accurate


from Language Barrier, released February 5, 2016
lyrics: shirlette ammons
music: Daniel Hart
vocals: shirlette ammons


tags: rock Durham


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