Aviator Segue ft. Median

from by shirlette ammons



Featuring Median


I’m a pilot, styling
got my goggles and my scarf blowing in the wind
old timey, soloing the cockpit of life
fire up the engine, T minus 10
take off, the runway is clear
prepared i fly without fear, limitless
new flights desired, new spots to visit
envisioning the end and the beginning of it
granted man hours, the man about a mission
plan about the route, route the plan, plot it out, script it
with detours on deck, not too rigid to call it audible in the midst of it
sky high, still fully functioning
hovering the clouds, it’s humbling to wonder it
engulfed in every utterance, the passion of the happiness
to feel it for a day, the thrill of the chase
these are the pangs of the aviator

Check the view from so many miles removed
away from the hectic, the pace is reckless
my mind floats veers from troposphere to playlist
my headphone’s a dead zone i zone out ‘til breathless
i say, ‘word?’ to the terrorist, the narrowist, the extremist
the one’s who believe it so much they would leave it destroyed
while here i sit with a head-full of noise
so alive and convicted i’m convinced i hear the song of crickets
from a placeless distance as the ground to the cockpit is
wow, what an image


from Language Barrier, released February 5, 2016
lyrics: James Livingston, shirlette ammons
music: Daniel Hart
vocals: Median, shirlette ammons


tags: rock Durham


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