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Track Name: Earth Into Segue
They say we askin for it as if they know our story
I say we’re grasping at it gasping at a passing magic
They say we looking for it they call us average at it
but they can't see the forest or it's that they suck at mathematics
They think we’re gaming at it playin psychobabble scrabble
I say we’re jonesin for it, lunging forward, hapless hazards
They say we savage for it, sorta borderless and foreign
nomads who lack decorum refusing use as human storage

and the matter is with the fact that
we ain’t askin for much for much
and the matter is with the fact that
they be takin too much from us
and the matter is with the facts

Relax for a minute look around while you spinning
it's like in any instant an intense and frenzied feelin
get in the middle of it, love it like you livin with it
leave the shuckin and duckin for the privileged and cynics
and for the peddlers with pennies and those who seldom finish
but never sell they vision for some shit that's unappealing
I see you askin for it, graspin at it, bound to have it
loud and passionate when facts are abstinent not accurate
Track Name: Earth Intro ft. The Indigo Girls
They say we askin for it should've seen it comin down
its metaphoric If there's water would you drink or drown
You're like a forest on a mountainside, landslide
earthquake, heaven sakes, Jesus take the steering wheel
‘cause shit is gettin real, we need a navigator
We need a compass not a naysayer, mediator
So fuck a definition we need a sweeter religion
We need a vision long as time zones the clock is tickin

Some say that life is a bitch I think that bitch is a diva
she wants to travel the earth To taste the salt and the ether
she wants to love without hurt she's a magnificent creature
she carved a map from your features and I'm so glad to meet you

I'd cross an ocean tomorrow if I could walk on water
empty all my pockets of their most useless contents
Lay on my Mommas shoulder admit I have no option
Because I'm getting older reflections can be obnoxious

Yeah shit is getting real who needs a continent
so fuck your four walls, spotted dog, picket fence
and fuck a definition, we need a sweeter religion
we need an urgent inner vision, yo the clock is tickin

I'm so high, you Mountain high, you
Track Name: Dear Nora ft. Meshell Ndegeocello
Her jewelry matched her eyes, it was the costume kind
the type that plays and frays in phases of light
Danger to stars and stripes, antithesis of white lies
in time we’d devise a way to make lines from a life
where time flies and demands each moment contraband
sands and oceans between, each time that she leaves i grieve
it begins

Dear Nora would you stay if maps weren’t made of miles
Dear Nora let’s create a house that ‘scapes away from miles
Dear Nora, I can wait beyond this space called miles
Dear Nora, don’t delay ‘cause time is made of miles
In time we'd devise a way to make lines
from a life where time flies and demands each moment contraband
sands like oceans between each time that she leaves i grieve
it begins
Track Name: Language Barrier Segue ft. sookee
Es geht selten um english esperanto und deutsch
It’s rarely about english esperanto or german
Es geht oft darum zu verdrängen und darum zu versäumen
It’s more often about repressing and neglecting
Die barriere im kopf eine karriere verbockt
The barrier in the mind, a career gambled away
Keine euros und dollars auch kein leben für für gott
No euros no dollars neither a life for god
Aber ein klares verständnis wie kann ich dir begegnen
But a clear understanding of how i can i encounter you
Meine konzepte und wünshe inzwishen nicht mehr vernebelt
My concepts and wishes aren’t foggy anymore
Denn ich trau mir vertrauen zu in gesichtern verewigt
Cause i dare to have trust manifested in faces
In teilen im meim eigenen und dazwishen beweglich
Partly in parts and also in my own, still flexible in between
Da sind liebesbegriffe die uns zu tiefe verpflichen
There are terms of love that obligate us to depth
Worte sind sauerstoffflashen wenn uns krisen vergiften
Words are oxygen bottles when we are poisoned by crises
Wir kommunizieren komplexer realitäten entsprechend
We communicate more complex according to realities
Was meinst du mit was meinst du kann mich nicht ewig verstecken
What do you mean by what do you mean, can’t hide forever
Sprache ergänzt durch blicke hände und lächeln
Language complemented by gazes hands and smiles
Wir sind so im moment dass wir das ende vergessen
We are so kept in the moment that we forget about the end
Und den anfang, den standard wenn du magst kannst dus weitersagen
And about the beginning and the standards, you can spread the word if you want to
Parole brückenbau und grenzen zerplatzen wie seifenblasen
Watch word building bridges, barriers burst like soap bubbles

For those who deal with the ridged curiosity's hidden
and the aim is mistaken coded in smokescreens of language
Take the tongue from the tiger feel ashamed when they bite it
but we aim for the opposite, igniting the silence
If we don't name our injustice a generations indicted
if we do speak about it, we’d be far from nearsighted
I wrote this fearing the mirror the one you clearly invited
held up facing the angels plus the demons inside us
I'm only versed in 3 pidgins ebonic country and christian
plus the jargon of forefathers who don't seek forgiveness
Now we burning them bridges amidst the broken and brilliant
watch the barriers burst like bubbles scaling a building
but nothing’s ever that simple 'cept my word and my pencil
in 24 hour diners breaking from making a living yeah
so when I finish the sentence
since we mend distance with sentence
let's never finish this sentence
Track Name: Language Barrier ft. Heather McEntire
She drew a map, a map to show me where her people lived at
a napkin map, imagine that we sat in a corner kinda trapped
time lapsed for some hours and some halves

And then we laughed and pointed down at the atlas
naming all the waters, manmade borders
distance grew sorta shorter over orders of hashbrowns
we was at the wafflehouse and after that
we walked into the nighttime air
awkward stare
where she said

Lover tear your barriers down, down
Lover tear your barriers down, down, down
Lover tear your barriers down, down
Lover tear your barriers down, down, down

I took her hand, her hand we walked to my apart-a-ment or flat
depending on where you from or at, but that remains absent
of the fact that man, I was falling, foreign as a walrus lost in a forest
her palm was like the softest, softer than fabric softener
her voice made the choicest noises, pretty as an orchid
I longed to understand what she said, damn
so I said
Track Name: Aviator Segue ft. Median
I’m a pilot, styling
got my goggles and my scarf blowing in the wind
old timey, soloing the cockpit of life
fire up the engine, T minus 10
take off, the runway is clear
prepared i fly without fear, limitless
new flights desired, new spots to visit
envisioning the end and the beginning of it
granted man hours, the man about a mission
plan about the route, route the plan, plot it out, script it
with detours on deck, not too rigid to call it audible in the midst of it
sky high, still fully functioning
hovering the clouds, it’s humbling to wonder it
engulfed in every utterance, the passion of the happiness
to feel it for a day, the thrill of the chase
these are the pangs of the aviator

Check the view from so many miles removed
away from the hectic, the pace is reckless
my mind floats veers from troposphere to playlist
my headphone’s a dead zone i zone out ‘til breathless
i say, ‘word?’ to the terrorist, the narrowist, the extremist
the one’s who believe it so much they would leave it destroyed
while here i sit with a head-full of noise
so alive and convicted i’m convinced i hear the song of crickets
from a placeless distance as the ground to the cockpit is
wow, what an image
Track Name: Aviator ft. Amelia Meath
There is no destination with you
there's just coming upon run into
there's just open ended impromptus
where to isn't asked of them by you
there is nowhere u won't go, aviator
thumbing through portraits of places taken
thinking to yourself how lonely lovers ride along
toward destinations and to nowhere at all
all the lovers travel
gathering dreams of every nowhere at all

Your heart is an open air phantom
you take apart, depart at random
your luggage is heavy to handle
rendering you anchored, capsized
access to your heart denied, aviator
navigating space and time away
a lonely place to stay
watching as lovers ride along
toward destinations and to nowhere at all
all the lovers travel
gathering dreams of every nowhere at all
Track Name: On The Road Segue ft. Jocelyn Ellis
You don’t have to miss me when I’m gone
but, if you want to I don’t mind

Where were you when the planes hit, when the oil spilled
when the earth quaked, when the drone killed
when the grass grew pubescent then brown and decrepit
then the monsoon then the dark room
where were you
there is you

Where were you when the paint dried, when my skin pruned
when i lost you in a bet like a setlist
on a stage playing actress
on a flat atlas going batshit
snap, there is you

Name any terrain because borders are fiction
we got crowds to arouse, time is pushin against us
Track Name: On The Road ft. MC Taylor
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh you know
I can't wait to get to you, but oh
we got so much work to do, crowds to move
our lives are late night shows
so I'll see you somewhere on the road

Boulders to shoulder
never the types at the mall
with two straws sippin a single soda
motivated by audiences and plenty kisses
in the midst of many cities witnesses
I must admit it
Exploring you in gorgeous hues
holding you’s worth a one-way ticket
since now it's written I can't recend it
we'll keep revising each line, til we’re side by side

Meet you at baggage claim because we trump convention
we got crowds to rouse, not too much time to miss you
its enough to glimpse you, read of you in magazines
layover, stay over, make love in the in between
Name any terrain because borders are fiction
we got crowds to rouse even though you know I miss you
It’s enough to glimpse you, read of you in magazines
layover, stay over, make love in the in between
Track Name: Travel Light ft. Phil Cook
Take each moment we saved, every second exchanged
divide it by all the things that we can’t take away
Say the things we didn’t mean, subtract the meanings between
add the laughter we beamed
Given certain mistakes, I’d say we did pretty okay
there is no one to blame, plus nothing would change

Travel light, my love
Travel light, my friend
Don't forget to write
Travel light, my love
Travel light, my friend
don't forget to write
‘cause we did what’s right
plus who knows what’s right
yeah, who knows what’s right

Remember that long summer Saturday
I was at home while you were away
changing the world, making it a better place
You didn't know it but, I was so lonely then
needing a word with the friend I found in you
when this world's in need, it takes you from me
so selfishly i sit and loathe the irony